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Spy Cheating Playing Cards

In the good old days, people used to enjoy their spare time by playing cards. Gradually the club culture evolved over time and card games like Poker, Blackjack, Rummy etc became popular across the world. There is hardly any card game lover who has not heard about the legendary card players like Smith Ross, John Parker, Allen Homes etc. Although online casinos are gaining popularity still the age old traditional card games are played across casinos all across the world.

Every card player has a dream i.e. to win every game he or she plays. But it is not something impossible. With the advancements in Science, today even you can be a winner every time you play. We are the pioneers in India in spy products. we had launched the first spy cheating playing cards in India and it became a huge success. According to a rough estimate, more than 5 million card players have been using spy playing cards in the country and by the end of this decade their number is going to double up.

These cards are crafted using imported plastic paper and are printed with special ink on their face. On the back side they are marked with special ink which is invisible to the naked eyes.

In other words the markings on their back side can be seen only by the person wearing special glasses or contact lenses. These spy cards work best in white light but they can also be used in colored lights with equal efficacy.

We are soon going to set up our own manufacturing facility of spy gambling cards in Gurgaon. We have been importing branded spy products from Japan to match with the rising demands of our products in India. But after this unit starts functioning by the end of this year, we will become self- sufficient in meeting the rising demands of our valued customers.

Our dealers of spy cheating playing cards in Noida have started a unique training facility for their valued customers in west U.P. Under this scheme, customers can register themselves online for a short training course in their neighborhood club and master the technique of using these cards. This hands on training course is offered free of cost to the customers and has become quite popular in no time. we are planning to extend this facility in other parts of the country as well.

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Gsm Neckloop

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Marked Cards


Hidden lens in Phone

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Playing Cards Smoothsayer


Wireless Mini Earphone

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New K3 Analyzer


Cheating Playing Marked Cards

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Hidden Lens Devices

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