Know the status of the any playing cards with the help of our Playing Cards SmoothSayer. Xspy Cards offers Playing Cards Smoothsayer For Gambling Playing Cards in Madurai at low prices.
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Playing Cards Smoothsayer For Gambling Playing Cards

new hot products Playing Cads Smoothsayer is getting famous for its unforgettable results as this device scans the whole details of playing cards and transfers the respective information to player via headphones within the fraction of seconds. This Device is fitted in wrist watch, Mobile Phones and connected with the headphones. Playing Cards Smoothsayer is available online at our official webshop 24/7 hours.

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Key Features:

  • - A wonderful gadget with an inbuilt analyzer
  • - Scan the playing cards automatically and sends the suit and number information to the hidden earpiece
  • - Works well even in dim light
  • - Portable and can be easily placed in pocket
  • - Has its own power supply and can be recharged at any power socket
  • - Light in weight and durable shock resistant body
  • - Efficiently handles the job without any hassles
  • - Easy to understand commands
  • - User friendly instructions enclosed in form of manual in the pack
  • - Wide network of service centers for after sales service and repairs in India

new hot products

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