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Marked Cards

new hot products We are the best dealers of Marked Cards specially designed for playing gambling Games. These marked cards have some codes or marks at the back of the playing cards which can be seen only with the help of special lens that help the poker to win the game & earn a lot of money. Buy Online Spy Cheating Playing Cards at Special offers and get 100% assurance.

100% quality products

Salient Features:

  • - Easy to carry and hassle free
  • - Marked with special ink which is invisible to naked eyes
  • - markings are visible only with special gadgets and in luminous light
  • - Ideal for use in casinos where no personal camera or phones are allowed
  • - Can never be detected by ordinary metal detectors
  • - State of the art technology
  • - Long life and zero maintenance
  • - Waterproof face markings with fade resistant print
  • - Can be used even in dim light or color lights
  • - Buy back offer available from company itself
  • - Lifelong warranty against any inbuilt defect in cards
  • - Ideal gift for a friend who loves playing cards in Delhi

new hot products

our latest products
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