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Hidden Lens for Cheating Playing Cards

new hot products Hidden Lens device are best usable with various items like Lighter, Purse, Keychain, Wrist Watch etc. This device scans the codes and marks printed on the playing cards and transfer the information to the soothsayer. This respective information helps the soothsayer to win the gambling & earn a lot of money.

100% quality products

Key Features:

  • - Easily portable and ready to use
  • - Can be hidden easily with other personal belongings like mobile phones, watches, purse etc.
  • - Fitted with extended wear, long lasting battery having shelf life of days
  • - Can easily identify the playing cards on the basis of digital code, even when they are placed faced down
  • - Compatible with all branded spy gadgets like spy earphones, bluetooth devices etc.
  • - Based on reliable remote sensing technology
  • - Self-powered by long lasting, rechargeable battery
  • - Fitted with microprocessor which gives instant results without any hassles
  • - Available in tamperproof pack with company hallmark sticker on the pack
  • - Life-long replacement warranty on all purchases done in bulk, against any manufacturing defect in India

new hot products

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